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Title: Give a cake with photo of your classroom teacher on your class reunion

Approaching the anniversary of your graduation. It's been 5 or 10 years since you gathered with your class. And you have decided to organize a festive evening with your class teacher? This woman which has taught you for years and which has become a part of your life. Time to return the favor, showing her how much you respect her with a surprise gift. You are wondering what would be appropriate? We will give you a brilliant idea. 

Arrange with all classmates to make a common photo. Find and photograph of your prom, along with the teacher. Send us the two pictures, and we will make a cake with edible prints, which can have different inscriptions such as: "Before / Now"; "We have grown, but the teacher has remained the same as before" and other funny jokes. The classmates will remain very happy, the teacher - pleasantly surprised and all together you will enjoy the delicious cake with edible prints. And it will remain a memory for a long time.



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