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Title: How to give away a holiday grandly

You are thinking of a holiday gift for your lover or for the anniversary of your parents. But you are wondering how to break the news to be a surprise? Perhaps you are tired of seeing cliché ways in which the holiday gift is being given by serving with printed voucher to the recipient. Do you want something different? We immediately share with you! 

Choose the most beautiful picture from Internet of the destination where you are going to go. Choose a suitable inscription and type over the image. If the holiday will be for you and your sweetheart, the photo caption will read: "Will you come with me to this wonderful place?" or "How about you and I alone here?". If the gift is for other people you can write "Have a nice holiday and send me a photo". You have many choices. Make the photo exactly as you want it - with captions, ornaments or other small photos on it. We will print it on a cake with which you can present this wonderful surprise. Do it!


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