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Title: 5 Steps to organize the coolest bachelorette party at your best friend ever made:

Ideas for gifts 

- Small fortunes that are larky – can be prepared for all attendees girls and to be read aloud in a row ; 

- Sexy lingerie - panties, thongs, nightie ; 

- Broom - beautifully decorated - larky gift ; 

- Scented candles, massage oil, soap ; 

- Lipstick or make-up ; 

- "Charter of Good Wife" - funny text together to invent ; 

- Other small fun gifts . 


Prepare an interesting scenario to be a surprise for the bride. Meanwhile, arrange the little banter around the table, around which are gathered together and agree if there will be replicas of all present. When the bride came start with the gifts - give her gifts in a row every 10-15 minutes. 


Make an appropriate program depending on the preferences of the bride. Let it includes many of her favorite songs, dances and greetings for her. Some women are shy, so can you resist ordering a stripper, this must be specified in advance with the bride, so as not to create an inconvenient situation. 


Do not forget to shoot - and at the beginning and during the main points is nice to have a camera - these are super memories! 

And the icing on the cake – Edible prints! 

Sweeten the evening of the bride, but not with a simple cake, and a cake with surprise! Create a collage of photos, as the one photo is with her favorite actor, singer or sportsman, but the other photo – with her future husband. For example: Cristiano Ronaldo vs "Her sweetheart". Ask her the playful question who will choose she. This will surprise her and make the evening more cheerful.


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