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Title: How to make your event unique and memorable

Organize an imminent event and wondering how to do it more varied from last year and more different from the competitors? Every time is the same and all do it in similar way - to be remembered by the people they distribute promotional materials with the logo of the company, each presentation in the corner of each slide also present the company logo, on all promotional stands again is writing the name of the organization and so on .. 

We offer you a very easy and inexpensive way with which you will shine in front of your prospective customers and will make a great impression. At the end of your conference / seminar, instead of the traditional coffee break, surprise the participants with a delicious cake with a print on it, imaging the logo of your company. So you will be not only remembered but will lift their mood after a long and tiresome conference. No one who attended the workshop does expect to be treated with a cake after the end of the presentation, but everyone will remain pleasantly surprised. And as you well know best, these are the ways to be on the top: to be remembered, to be liked and then to be recognized among others. 

We all know that men love goes through the stomach, so the photo cake will surely make the male half of your prospective clients to fall in love with you. Women do always liked nontraditional gestures of surprise, so that you will certainly be appreciated by them. 

The conclusion for all of us is one - with our edible prints you will undoubtedly become favorites of the two halves and will win sure customers. And not just what is your goal?



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