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Yes, you can choose any photo from your album and send it to our email or direct upload to the site. However images that are poor, old or photos, small in size, after the printing process, will come in the same quality. We recommend that after uploading to place the image in the box indicating the size to see how it looks. Formats are .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg.

All kind of edible photos or pre-cut edible toppers should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise, the colors fade. When storing of all icing prints products in a dark and dry place, sealed in a plastic bag,  at room temperature or lower, they will be fit for use at least 3 months after printing.

It is not difficult, just read carefully the instructions that we send you with any edible photo or look at the instructions that are placed on the site.

We use the best specialized printers for edible prints or any personalised photos, the best flexible easy to use icing sheet, which gives the maximum realistic quality of all edible images. A unique software that was created only for our company, the best certified edible paints. Super optimized printing process and subsequent storage of the products before dispatch. Despite all the high-quality materials, you should know that all edible images are still edible product that does not always print after his match with the exact color that you see on your computer monitor. The impregnated inscriptions not every time are clearly visible. With our unique software, we solve these problems to the maximum extent. If you have any concerns about how your product will come out, call us and we will advise you as well as we will offer you the best option.

No, actually, all edible products are in fact very thin sugar lists. These lists are sugar plant-based with a slight taste of vanilla. In no striking way is changed the basic taste of all cakes or pastries on which you use edible photos.

Yes, of course, we have a very useful option - window to Google images, with which you can search what you need. Just type the keyword without any other details.

Very quickly - next day delivery, if you choose this option, which is also the most expensive. If you choose first class recoded- 1 to 2 days (but sometimes there is a delay in the mail). Call us for advice if you have a particular requirement of the time for receiving your icing photo. We are using mainly Royal Mail.

Yes, you are protected to 100% when you are making payment through our website, thanks to the High Level SSL certificate. It encrypts all of your personal information in 256-bit code and it is financially guaranteed with a large amount of money in the event of a proven breach.

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