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The payment on our website for edible print is quick and easy.

1. Ensure you have a few days before the special occasion for which you want to use the sugar print in order to be sure that you will be pleased to have the fabulous photo with you in time.

2. Which favourite photo you want to shine on the magic cake or pastry? Choose the most appropriate one, fill in your data and upload your image file.

3. You will receive an email with a layout proof showing any adjustments made. If you like our sample, you can proceed to the link for order and payment, if not, just cancel the order or tell us what exactly you do not like in the sample.

4. The sugar print will be with you within 1 to 3 days, but if you hurry up with the payment and make it up by 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the sugar print will be posted the same day.

5. When you get the sugar photo, hurry up to put it on your favourite cake and share it with your loved ones.

Edible print - advantages

There are several advantages of printing photo images on your cake; let us check out five most easing advantages of it.

1. Decorate cake in less time - If you are going to follow the traditional way to cake decoration, it is going to take hell lot of time. You might make some mistake. The traditional style requires a great control on hand and creativity, which needs a good amount of time. By using the cake printers, you can print images and your designs to put on your cake in no time

2. Easy Designing - It is not only quick but also it is quite easy. By using a printer, you can create your personalized design in minutes, while making it on a cake, using an icing coop could be a bit difficult and tiring. If you are using an image of your choice, you can add borders to it using the basic photo editor software. You can even add a text to your image, using the same software.

3. Cost effective - If you have ordered a cake with a photo from a bakery, you will be charge less amount of money. As it does not ask for much time and an involvement of art and creativity, the prices of these cakes is less.

There surely are several advantages, which can not be discussed in just one article. I would be sharing more information about the same in coming days.

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